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Artificial Insemination and Reproductive Management Training

August 15, 2012

Big Branch Breeders Service is offering a three-day Artificial Insemination and Reproductive Management Training to be held in Conway, Arkansas,  October 24, 25, and 26th at the Lewis Livestock Auction. Class times are 9:00 am to 4:00 p, with a quick break for lunch.


The fee for the three day course is $500 for first time students. Former students are welcome to attend as a refresher course at no charge.


For those who have attended training from another provider the refresher fee is $85 per day.


In addition to AI Tech Certification, participants will receive a ‘Best in the Industry’ Reproductive Management manual and $150 credit for any bull in ABS’s inventory.
The bulls may be viewed at


Instruction will be ‘hands on’ so wear appropriate clothing.  Neither semen credit nor manual is included.



  •      Introduction of cow’s reproductive anatomy
  •     Demonstrate A.I. technique utilizing reproductive organs
  •     A.I. practice using reproductive organs
  •     Live cow practice
  •     Review



  •     Introduction to A.I. equipment and use
  •     Introduce semen handling and practice
  •     A.I. technique practice using reproductive organs
  •     Visual target area practice using pellets
  •     Live cow practice
  •     Review



  •     A.I. equipment/LN tank maintenance
  •     Introduction of cow’s reproductive physiology
  •     Review of estrus detection
  •     Estrus synchronization methods
  •     Economics of A.I.
  •     Semen handling practice
  •     Pregnancy testing via tail bleeding practice
  •     Live cow practice
  •     Review


Class size will be limited in order to provide each student individual attention and is booked on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested, please send a non-refundable deposit of $150 for each student, to hold your place. To enroll or get more information about this course or future courses, please call Big Branch Breeders Services at 501-316-3536.


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