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Beef Cattle Research Update

August 23, 2012

A new Beef Cattle Research Update Newsletter has been posted. Please visit here for the complete newsletter.  Articles Include:

Technical Note: Comparison of USDA Yield Grading Characteristics of Steer and Heifer Carcasses Evaluated by Subjective and Objective Methods

Impact of Clover Additions to Toxic or Nontoxic Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue on Animal Performance and Economics of Stocker Programs

Evaluation of different methods of cattle hip height data collection

Supplemental trace minerals (zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt) as Availa-4 or inorganic sources for shipping-stressed beef cattle

ALPHARMA BEEF CATTLE NUTRITION SYMPOSIUM: Implications of nutritional management for beef cow-calf systems

Relationships between feed efficiency, scrotal circumference and semen-quality traits in yearling bulls

Relationships between feedlot health, average daily gain and carcass traits of Angus steers

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