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Arkansas Forage and Grassland Council Spring Forage Bus Tour on May 2

April 17, 2014

For Better Pastures, Attend the Arkansas Forage and Grassland Council Spring Forage Bus Tour on May 2

Dr. John Jennings, Professor – Forages

Trying to reduce hay feeding to reach a grazing season of 300 days or more doesn’t seem possible based on the extreme weather of recent years. Yet in spite of these extreme conditions two producers were able to reach grazing seasons of 300 days or more. How did they do this when grass refused to grow? By using some of the most tested and proven forage management practices available. These farms and the methods they use will be featured on the 2014 Arkansas Forage and Grassland Council’s Spring Forage Bus Tour on Friday, May 2. The tour registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Pocahontas Livestock Auction in Pocahontas, AR and the busses will depart at 9:30 for the first farm. Registration cost is $25 per person and $10 for students and includes lunch, tour handout materials, and comfortable bus transportation to all farms. If you are interested in better grazing and less hay feeding you will want to attend this tour.


To reach the Pocahontas Livestock Auction, take HWY 67 to Pocahontas, turn onto Townsend Street (at the intersection of Hwy 67 & 304, at the T-Ricks Citgo gas station) and go west about ¼ mile to the Livestock Auction Barn.

To reserve a seat or get more information on the AFGC Spring Forage Bus Tour contact the University of Arkansas Extension office in Lawrence County at (870) 886-3741 or Randolph County at (870) 892-4504 or call John Jennings, AFGC secretary at 501-671-2350.


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