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How Much Is Your Time On the Farm Worth?

March 9, 2015

How Much Is Your Time On the Farm Worth?

John Jennings, Professor – Extension Forages

Often in conversations with producers about cost and expenses on the farm, I hear comments about how you can’t count expense of your time for work on the farm. They say “my time isn’t worth much”. I also hear comments like “my time is too valuable to waste doing x, y, or z” (you fill in the blank here). But most people haven’t taken time to figure out what their time could be worth. On the farm, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Time is like money, but everyone has the same amount. Like money, we often wonder “where did the time go?”. You spend time doing something every day and at the end of the day that time is gone. You can’t really save time, but you can do farm practices that require less time. Some practices save money and also require less time which makes life better. So why not consider spending your time in more ways to make money or to save money instead of just spending it.

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