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Missouri Dairy Grazing Conference

June 26, 2015

Missouri Dairy Grazing Conference


Missouri Dairy Grazing Conference

Springfield, Missouri – July 7-8, 2015

Mark July 7-8, 2015 on your calendar and register for the Missouri Dairy Grazing Conference.  Deadline for registration is June 24, 2015. This year’s conference will be a great opportunity for dairy graziers to network with other producers and industry professionals. Here are the farm tours on day one of the conference.

Dairy Farm Tour #1 – Edgewood Dairy LLC, Purdy, Missouri
Located in Purdy, Missouri, Edgewood Dairy is owned and operated by the Fletcher family. Charles Fletcher will discuss his multigenerational dairy and how the farms’ success has enticed his son and daughter-in-law back to the farm. Three hundred and twenty cows are milked twice daily in a swing 22 parlor. A portion of the production will soon be processed on site for cheese. Participants will tour the cheese plant, in its infancy, which is scheduled to open in the summer of 2015. Nearly seventy percent of the 320 acre farm is planted annually (both summer and winter) while the majority is in permanent pasture in novel endophyte fescue and perennial ryegrass. Heifers are raised off site.

Dairy Farm Tour #2 – Meier Dairy, Monett, Missouri
Mike and Janan Meier own and operate a seasonal 100 cow herd just 4 miles south of Monett, Missouri. Once the Meiers’ adopted the grazing model, they begin to evolve their breeding program from purebred Holstein to Holstein-Jersey cross and has recently began to bred back to Holstein. This 178 acre farm prefers perennial ryegrass while also utilizing novel endophyte fescue and double cropped warm season grasses to support the needs of the milking and heifer herds.  Mike uses a pod-line irrigation system to irrigate crabgrass. This farm uses a double 6 herringbone parlor.

Dairy Farm Tour #3 – VanDalfsen Farms, Reeds, Missouri
Bernie VanDalfsen owns and operates VanDalfsen Dairy located in the bottoms of the Spring River near Reeds, Missouri. Using his center pivot irrigation, he is able to support the forage needs of 445 cows. About 160 acres can be irrigated of the 330 total acres. The center pivot is equipped with cow misters, which allows Bernie to strategically cool cows during the hottest of grazing conditions. The herd is milked twice daily in the swing 25 parlor equipped with automatic take offs.

Dairy Farm Tour #4 – Grasslands White Oak #4/ Fortuna Farms, Avilla, Missouri
Craig and Kelsey Zydenbos have been sharemilkers for the past eight years with Grasslands LLC, who owns the farm.  The operation is a 630 cow herd in two mobs on a base of 350 acres.  Approximately 138 acres are novel endophyte fescue and the poor paddocks are planted to turnips or millet for renovation and summer forage.  The herd is milked in a swing 50 parlor. Heifers are custom raised off site.

Click here for online registration.

Click here for the agenda.

Click here to learn more about the Missouri Dairy Grazing Conference.


  • Farm tours and demonstrations.
  • A trade show featuring the latest in grazing technology.
  • Networking opportunities. 
  • Presentations from farmers, university specialists and allied industry.


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