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Beef Cattle

Approximately 23,385 farms in Arkansas produce beef cattle. The average herd size is 35 head with 80 percent of the farms having less than 50 head. About 97 percent of the beef cattle farms are family owned and operated. There are 1.6 million cows and calves with total cash value over $532 million. The total economic impact of the Arkansas beef cattle industry is over $1.4 billion.

Beef cattle producers who are applying Extension recommended management practices have improved beef cattle efficiency and profits. The Animal Science Extension uses a number of activities to educate beef cattle producers about cost-effective management practices. Educational activities include county programs, field days, electronic news articles, beef/forage field days, ration balancing, 300 Days Grazing Program, Cow Herd Performance Testing Program,On-Farm Bull Testing Program and Beef Quality Assurance.


Arkansas Beef Production

Arkansas Forages

300 Days Grazing Program

Arkansas Beef Quality Assurance

Arkansas Youth Beef Quality Assurance

Beef IQ

Arkansas Steer Feedout

Extension Beef Programs

Drought Management for Livestock and Forages

Nutrition and Feeding

Nutrient Management

Feed and Forage Publications

Beef Hot Topics

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