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Sheep & Goats

Sheep and goat production is popular with many beginning farmers and is a new enterprise for some experienced farmers. Sheep and goat production offers many advantages for farmers.  Because they are small, prolific and productive ruminants, they are well-suited to grass-based and small-scale agriculture.  Sheep and goats are relatively inexpensive animals to purchase and feed compared to larger animals, a critical advantage for limited-resource farmers.  Sheep and goats can be raised with very little grain, which is advantageous at a time when grain prices are on the rise.  Return on investment (ROI) is quick for sheep and goats because they reproduce at a young age and have a high incidence of twinning, are marketed within 6 to 10 months of birth, and can be raised with little cost on pasture.  Due to their smaller size, they are not intimidating or dangerous animals and are good enterprises for women, youth, and aging farmers.  As excellent weed and brush controllers, sheep and goats improve pastures and often work synergistically with cattle and other livestock and cropping operations.  Recent increases in the ethnic populations in the United States have improved demand for sheep and goat meat, and artisan cheese makers and fiber businesses have also seen increased enthusiasm for their products, so there are several options for using sheep and goats in profitable businesses.


Educational Programs:

  • General Management
  • Internal Parasite Control
  • Nutrition
  • Grazing Systems – animal and plant performance
  • Grazing Systems – parasite control/health
  • Production Records
  • FAMACHA Training



  • Alternative Forages
  • Fencing Strategies
  • Rotational Grazing
  • Grazing Systems
  • Planting Methods forage species


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  1. Billy Wilson permalink
    January 15, 2016 11:31 am

    do ya’ll have a no-till drill I can use/rent to plant vetch/rye mix in my 5 acre pasture? Call Billy at 903-267-6390, 501 N. 8th, Flippin, AR,

    • ansc01 permalink*
      January 15, 2016 11:47 am

      Good morning Billy,

      The following information is whom you will need to contact:

      Arkansas County Conservation District
      1015 West 2nd Street
      Sherry Pfaffenberger
      Dewitt, AR 72042
      Phone: 870-946-3331
      Fax: 870-946-2709

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